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For best usage of SnapCash the Galaxy Tab Pro is recommended, but any other Android Tablet will work as well. SnapCash can be connected via Bluetooth to receipt printers, cash drawers and card terminals. Moreover, the premium model of SnapCash provides a backup functionality to securely backup the data.SnapCash is ideal for all restaurants and offers comprehensive, clear and current reports, giving restaurants insights on their data
With SnapCash you can focus on delivering your customers the best experience. Your benefits with SnapCash:
- Quickly give a new employee access to features you want and specify different views for different roles- Connect cash drawers, receipt printers, card readers via Bluetooth- Customize menus and automatically fire items- Overview of your sales, tax, guest count, check count and revenue centers.
We have a complete user handbook to guide you through the usage of SnapCash. Get the latest version of SnapCash here: